We don't just trade:
We innovate

We trade in 15+ European commodities markets

We follow the evolving energy mix to maximize profitability

We stay on top of market regulations and shift our strategy when new opportunities arise

Combining expertise in trading and tech to create future-proof solutions for european commodities markets

We are commodity traders

Convex Energy focuses on the electricity market in particular. Trading in real time against intraday markets, we keep track of renewable energy fluctuations, which significantly influence prices. We also handle futures contracts, which have a high degree of correlation with fuel and emission prices.

We know the markets are constantly changing

In the last 10 years, the commodities market shifted rapidly toward renewables. Our success is the result of our excellent track record in monitoring ongoing market developments.

We use technology to work smarter

We believe that trading should move away from large numbers of traders to systems with embedded intelligence . At Convex Energy, data scientists and traders bundle their know-how within algorithms and infrastructure. The result: a smart market approach with lower overhead and better scalability.

We are a profitable enterprise

The proof is in the numbers: thanks to our innovative approach to commodities trading, we achieve an excellent return on capital employed.