We are traders who develop
We are developers who trade

At Convex Energy, commodities trading and software development always go together.

How it started

Convex Energy was founded in 2017 in Berlin, Germany. The basic premise: a unique dual setup where traders and developers create value using an innovative tech stack. Berlin is home to one of the most vibrant tech scenes in the world, providing us with the entrepreneurial vibe and excellent workforce talent pool we need in order to build the most dynamic commodities trading company on the planet.

Proof of concept

The earnings-before-taxes margins achieved in 2018 and 2019 proved beyond dispute that Convex Energy’s business model is solid. We have been working to expand our market reach to the remaining commodities markets in Europe ever since. To get there, we are collaborating with a major German energy services provider. The company invests in us because they believe our approach – the intelligent fusion of tech and commodities trading – represents the future of the energy sector.

At Convex Energy

We are a team of commodities traders, data scientists, software developers, and business managers who are joined together through a unique collaborative culture. Convex Energy is a thriving enterprise, thanks to the excellent business track records that our team members bring to the table. At the heart of our enterprise, there is a constant learning feedback loop that drives efficiency and creates knowledge.

What really counts

As a company, we rely heavily on the talent, knowledge, and passion of our diverse team of people. Three key values guide our collaborative work: transparency, fairness, and honesty. By sticking to these values, we create space for new ideas and transformative solutions to emerge. When ideas are brought forward, we set up projects to develop them further and test them. If an idea shows promise for generating enterprise-level impact, and the effort required to bring it to market is worth it, we make it happen. Traditional hierarchies have no place at Convex Energy, so the ideas of our interns are treated with the same respect as those from management.


Because of our lean overall approach to running a business, we have been profitable from the start and achieve an excellent return on capital employed.