Combining expertise and technology

Our team consists of some of the most knowledgeable energy trading domain experts in the world. Since the very beginning, we’ve been utilizing their insights to develop our proprietary technology. One simply cannot exist without the other.

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The Convex Energy Value Chain

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Every innovation at Convex Energy starts with smart ideas which are a direct product of our traders’ experience and market knowledge.


We trade, develop & innovate

Convex Energy was founded in 2017 in Berlin. The basic premise: a unique dual setup where world-class traders and developers create value using an innovative tech stack.

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Berlin is home to one of the most vibrant tech scenes, providing us with the entrepreneurial vibe and talent pool needed to build the most dynamic energy trading company on the planet. Thanks to our continued expansion across Europe, we have been able to diversify and enhance our tech and market excellence even further.

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At Convex Energy, we have always understood that our number one success factor is people. It's part of our DNA to create an environment where transformative solutions can emerge. When our employees bring forward new ideas, we set up projects to develop and test them. If an idea shows promise, we make it happen.

We treat the ideas of our interns with the same respect as those from management. Our goal is to foster an inclusive work environment that encourages creativity, transparency, and fairness, where every employee is empowered to bring forward new ideas to elevate energy trading to the next level.

Our leadership team

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Alexander Reinhold
In 2019, Alex founded Resonanz Energy – a fully automated trading platform for power – which was acquired by Convex Energy in 2023. With 12 years of experience in both Energy and Tech (e.g. Google, dunnhumby), Alex joined as CEO after the acquisition. He received a Business Administration MSc from Erasmus University where he graduated summa cum laude. 
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Daniel Kräuter
Next to being Convex Energy's founder and CTO, Daniel is not only a seasoned trader, but also a certified expert in Azure, Kubernetes, and DevSecOps. With a 15-year career in software and system architecture, he holds virtually every certification in his field. Daniel holds a Finance and Investment MSc with first-class honours and distinction from Durham University.
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Head of markets
Tobias Hahn
Before founding Convex Energy as Head of Markets, Tobias traded physical and financial futures with a focus on power across short- and long-term markets. Over the last 10 years, he gained valuable insights into market fundamentals and systematic trading approaches on trading floors in Berlin and London. A real trader at heart, he is dedicated to be on top of the market no matter the effort required. Tobias received a MSc in Finance from Trinity College Dublin, graduating with first-class honors and distinction.