We are traders
We are Developers

Combining expertise in trading and tech to create future-proof solutions for european commodities markets

What we do

At Convex Energy, traders and developers work together to optimize our trading strategies.
They use in-house software tailored specifically to this unique feedback loop.

About Convex Energy

We aim for an intelligent fusion of cutting-edge technology and commodities trading. Collaboration is key for us, and we create the right environment for this through fairness, honesty, and transparency.

More about us

The world of Convex Energy


We are engaged in a collaborative journey to deepen our understanding of the markets and explore cutting-edge technologies.


Our technology and trading teams collaborate on a daily basis. This allows us to solve business problems and identify new infrastructure requirements at the same time.


We employ a brain-over-brawn approach to trading: our success does not stem from having a large number of traders, but rather from our team's ability to think strategically and systematize knowledge.

Data Science

We approach data science in an open and collaborative way, applying a high degree of standardization at every step.

Return on capital employed

Our approach to trading is smart, lean, and effective, allowing us to generate competitive returns.


We trade in 15+ European commodities markets and have a strong focus on electricity.


We seek people who have the burning desire to drive trading and tech innovation. Our highly collaborative company culture fosters creativity and personal growth.

Do you have what it takes?