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The Importance of Order Execution in Intraday Continuous

Thorough exploration of the peculiarities of continuous trading and the role of computer-assisted order execution strategies in Intraday power markets
27 Dec 2022
Mario Nakhle, Product Management
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A Deep Dive into Cross-Border Transmission Capacities Allocation
Learn how cross-border transmission capacities — that allow to transfer power across a border — are allocated in futures and spot markets
Kamil Pluta, Systematic Trading
28 Feb 2023
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A Day in the Life… How Short-Term Power Traders Operate
An overview of the differences between asset-backed and asset-less (proprietary) power traders and their routine workflows
Alexander Reinhold, CEO
17 Oct 2022
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strengthened by multitude
The devil is in the details. Political, environmental, social, and technological differences between markets and countries bring about opportunities for Convex Energy to diversify its income streams.
Daniel Kräuter
24 May 2022