At Convex Energy, technology is the tool to solve complex business problems.

We are building sustainable systems using an innovative tech stack

We develop technology solutions for the future of commodities trading

At Convex Energy, we create everything in-house and from the ground up, so that we can work cost-effectively and meet all of our needs.

Convex MIYO

Our unified content management system with role-based access control can be fully customized by each user

Trading Solutions

Developing and maintaining our own Energy Trade Risk Management System (ETRM) allows us to tailor functionality to our specific use case, ensure fast market exploration without the need for third-party software or consultants, and contain costs.


Our knowledge grows every day, and we need our systems to keep pace. That is why we created Convex Ignite™, a cloud-based tool for rapid prototyping and simplified software development. Convex Ignite handles time-consuming tasks automatically and at high speeds.

Data Science

Three years of working with data-driven trading strategies has given rise to the Convex TI Engine™. This powerful framework enables quantitative developers to simultaneously develop and test multiple trading strategies.

We generate value by working together

We employ a collaborative, multistep approach to value generation that involves people from across the company as well as advanced automation technology.

Step 1: team-based solution development

Everybody at Convex Energy has a role to play in value generation, so ongoing education is part of team members’ daily routines. To tackle business problems, we rely heavily on brainstorming sessions (guided by our very own Enterprise Agile Coach) and iterative solution development.

Step 2: Automation

Once the iterative development process is complete, we let Convex IgniteTM take over. No proactive human involvement is necessary at this point: versioning, testing, and deployment happens automatically – within seconds.

Step 3: Repeating the benefits

Blending collaborative solution development with automated software development means we can quickly and efficiently transform ideas into workable solutions that can be used for trading in live markets.