Welcome to the future of trading

We Possess Trading Intelligence

Convex Energy trades in the European commodities market. Our staff possesses strong domain knowledge that we incorporate systematically into our day-to-day trading activities.

We Rely On Intelligent Trading

Our entire infrastructure was created in-house and from the ground up. The software our traders use helps guide decision-making – and it becomes more effective every single day, because the experience of traders continuously adds to it.

We Are Changing the Way People COLLABORATE

Convex Energy fosters a collaborative learning environment between traders and developers that benefits everyone.

Here is how it works:


We are engaged in a collaborative journey to deepen our understanding of the markets and explore cutting-edge technologies.



Our technology and trading teams collaborate on a daily basis. This allows us to solve business problems and identify new infrastructure requirements at the same time.


Trading Intelligence  |  Intelligent Trading
Because traders and developers are engaged in a constant feedback loop, human knowledge about the markets is augmented by innovative tech solutions that help simplify day-to-day trading decisions.

Return on capital employed

Our approach to trading is smart, lean, and effective, allowing us to generate competitive returns.


Every day, we learn from each other and deepen our understanding of trading and cutting-edge technologies in a fun and collaborative environment. This growing know-how is a major driver of our success.